Over the last week or so, I decided to do a little research on how many sites there were dedicated to naked selfies. I scoured the web for literally 3 hours+ trying to get an approximate number. After my far too long a search, I decided “fuck it, I’m never going to figure this out.”

There were just too many! That got me thinking though “how can people who love naked selfies really find the best ones around when there are soo many options.” And then it hit me, “why don’t you start a weekly list of the best selfies you find and make a post about it!” Genius.

So here you go, I’ve decided to call it “The Naked Nine”, it will feature 9 of the best naked self shot photos on the web from various websites. Most weeks I’ll mix up which sites the pictures came from, but I figured for the first week I’d start with 9 pictures from the same site. Here are the 9 best naked selfies from one of my favorite sites, Gf Revenge.

Girlfriend AlenaAngelicadahlia-019ellie-026jadde-011karmin-025khloe-022lily-011rissamaxx-025

I have to say while all of these girls look pretty amazing, the one that sticks out most to me is the girl named Dahlia. She’s the one outside by the pool taking a topless selfie with her sunglasses on. Her tits are just amazing and I love her voyeur style!


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