The last couple of times I made posts about Dare Dorm a lot of you emailed me thinking the the site was 100% made up. That none of the college girlfriends on Dare Dorm were real and that each video was professionally shot. Well I hate to break it to you haters but, you’re wrong. All of the videos on the site are real college dorm sex videos, shot by real college girls who are just looking to make some extra money so they can go out!


dare dorm group sex

When I finally found some porn tube samples of the video titled “Ice Ice Ladies”, I had to login to Dare Dorm and check out the entire scene. The high quality digital camera pics are great but, what is really amazing is the HD video. One of the boyfriends of these four college sluts (2 brunettes and 2 blondes), told them about Dare Dorm and how they can make $10,000 just for submitting a video. Since most of these college roommates already played with each other, they loved the idea! They got together after lingerie night at one of the frat houses and got the cameras rolling. each of the hot girlfriends take turns filming and fucking. The girlfriend who originally had her boyfriend tell her about the site ends up fucking him on camera while fingering her best friend and roommate! All in all it was a very successful attempt at ten grand!

dare dorm college girls college threesome sex


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